Cesenatico and the sea are the same thing

This is told by the ancient and colorful sails of the Maritime Museum, almost unique in Italy, which greet those who arrive and those who depart. Those sails, those ancient boats, that port which in 1502 Leonardo Da Vinci, “architect and general engineer,” studied and surveyed commissioned by Cesare Borgia (the original drawing is preserved in Paris at the National Library) are the synthesis and tale of Cesenatico. Historical and archaeological sources (preserved in the museum attached to the Municipal Library) indicate a Roman settlement in these places.


The Malatestian city, which today dedicates several museums to its own history, such as the Malatestiana Library, unique in the world for its state of preservation with very precious manuscripts, the Malatesta Fortress, one of the most important in Romagna, which houses the Agriculture Museum. Also famous for its center full of fashionable shops and cafes.


It preserves in splendid monuments the testimony of its role as a major political, commercial, and artistic hub throughout the succession of different civilizations. In particular, the Roman Imperial period and the glorious era when Ravenna became the center of the Eastern Roman Empire have left an extraordinary complex of basilicas, baptisteries, and mausoleums in the city.


A small medieval town where the Malatestian Castle stands, housing the richest collection of modern and contemporary art in the region, known as the “Tito Balestra Foundation.” In this beautiful town, you can also find the Vintage Record Museum, the collection of Commedia dell’Arte masks, and the Territory Museum.


Its still living traditions, the monuments, the mysterious caves, its fairs; the extraordinary craftsmen of wrought iron and rust printing on canvases: Santarcangelo, just a stone’s throw from the sea, offers a distinct atmosphere that makes it one of the most charming villages of the hinterland.


An ancient and renowned republic that holds a historical, architectural, and natural heritage of immeasurable value. In San Marino, you can find an array of crafts and souvenirs that allow for diverse and enjoyable shopping.


Located in the heart of Italy and well connected to major European cities, Rimini is the emblem and ideal destination for diversified tourism. Rimini, ancient and modern, popular and cultured, spectacular and artisanal, has been sung and immortalized by the great Master of Italian cinema, Federico Fellini, who, through his art, exported its myth worldwide.